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New bespoke curved reception desk and matching storage
units behind

High spec rubber flooring was fitted to all consulting rooms, bespoke desks  
and pipe casings were commissioned
And fitted.  Full mechanical and electrical services throughout.

Architect: Tom Reynolds

Project value £250K

Duration- 6 months


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This south London based doctors surgery was in need of remodelling and full modernisation.  Its current layout was outdated and did not make the best use of space and the interior  was very dated.  

The original building was formally a large Edwardian residential dwelling which had been later converted into a doctors surgery.

The new scheme involved re-modelling the ground floor layout and extending the rear to provide additional consulting rooms, a new larger waiting area and a new reception area.

The works were carried out while the practice remained open, the existing consulting rooms and reception were moved to the fist floor and alternative paticant access routes provided.

The end result was much improved layout which could accommodate the increase in demand and a much better working environment for the building users.


Rear extension with large roof windows to provide
Natural light are large high spec doors

Bespoke Oak veneered shelving  units.

Feature ceiling “Crocodile tooth” with concealed warm lighting

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