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Our Lady and St. John's Primary School

Architects:  DHP

Project Value:  £180K

Duration - 20 Weeks

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The design brief by the school was to improve main entrance access and security as the original access was poorly designed which meant that visitors and parents were often found roaming the school grounds trying to find the main entrance. This also posed a security problem for the school. The reception area was also very small which meant parents and children waiting outside to sign in. The scheme involved removing the old entrance canopy, and constructing a new prominent canter levered canopy which could be seen from the main entrance gates, constructing a large reception/staff office area and new welfare room. All materials were selected to match the existing so the new build blended in seamlessly with the existing building. The works commence in the summer 2017 and were completed in 20 weeks.

Steel and timber construction to cantilevered canopy

Photo on left shows construction of new office and reception area at first fix stage.

Photo on left shows new enlarged Reception area. With “floating bespoke desk and LED strip beneath.

New enlarged staff office and reception area

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